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Website and Logo Design and Art Direction

Specs  /  Bloxtown logo and two desktop and mobile-compatible websites

Bloxtown is the lead character’s (Goldie Blox) hometown and the name of GoldieBlox, Inc.’s kid-facing website. I lead design and art direction on both versions of the website. However, as you can see, the strategy of the website changed dramatically between the launch of and the re-format of the second version, which is why not only are the the form of the two versions so unlike one another, but also the function. 

In version 1.0, the purpose of the website was to introduce the world of the company’s character Goldie Blox and allow the user to explore, read, watch, and learn in an organic, immersive experience. To do this, I designed the site to house a horizontal parallaxing scroll-through experience that felt much like interacting within Goldie’s world. Elements such as pop up speech bubbles, clickable items or characters within each scene, scene-based videos, and eventually mini games were all to be part of the experience as the digital world of Bloxtown expanded and unfolded to include the stories that came along with new GoldieBlox toys and products.

However, we were finding that users were looking for a more traditional, direct content-delivery type of website in which videos, characters, and toys were simple to locate and enjoy. So, for version 2.0, I was tasked with simplifying the site’s user experience into a single landing page. The first version had a more cinematic/storybook look to it to add to the immersive feel of the experience. However, as you will see, the current second version of the site is bolder, poppier—more in keeping with the current style of the GoldieBlox brand—and makes the content easily accessible.

This project also tasked me with creating a Bloxtown logo. I worked in several different styles of original typography while developing the logo in order to best fit both the character of Goldie Blox and the character of her hometown. I didn’t want it to come across as too young—as though it were intended for babies or toddlers—but at the same time, it needed to be fun and quirky. You will see here a few of the iterations I tried before reaching the final version.

BloxTown: Welcome
BloxTown: Work
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