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Typographic Design

Specs  /  Two-sided special poster insert and custom newspaper bag

In this project, I re-created Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. The front side of the poster insert is entirely typographic and contains the bulk of the speech’s content.

I wanted there to be an ebb and flow, a palpable momentum to the layout's visual pacing, much like the speech. So, I chose to build the structure around the spiral of the Golden Mean, working out from the middle to the bottom, and used varying fonts, sizes and weights as I visually called out some of the more impactful parts of the speech.

It all builds to the back side which contains the last line of the speech: “Free at last!” and expresses, through purposeful misalignment of the CMYK layers, the beauty of different colors and the freedom of what happens when everything isn’t made to be neatly placed.

Free At Last: Welcome
Free At Last: Work
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