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Mobile App UX/UI Design, Art Direction

Specs  /  Transmedia children's animation app

I acted as the design lead in the creation GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine app v1.0. The brief called for an app that was not only a stand-alone educational tool, able to help the user learn how to make and play their own animations within the digital platform, but one that also expanded the GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine toy’s physical play into a full transmedia experience, in which the user could create animations in the app, then print the frames out as cards, and use the cards to play their animation creations inside the toy’s zoetrope.

Throughout visual design of the app, I used subtle nods to the physical toy to aid in a more cohesive transmedia user experience. For instance, I created the bottom frame navigator/player to look like the cards inside the purple zoetrope and provide reinforcing visual cues to the scientific concept behind animation. Furthermore, I chose to mimic the look of the Movie Machine toy’s box in the app’s icon, with Goldie character art, the red curtain background, a gold frame, and company logo in the upper right corner. This was a deliberate design choice made to, once again, tie the visual identity of the physical product to the digital experience.

The Movie Machine App: Welcome
The Movie Machine App: Work
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