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Packaging, Brand Design, Art Direction

Specs  /  Ten packages: one full-size action figure kit, one free form play kit, four mini action figure kits, and four mini pet kits

The largest design challenge I tackled at GoldieBlox was taking on the whole of packaging design for 2015′s lineup of new toys, a total of 10 packages of varying contents and dimensions. Not only that, but CEO Debbie Sterling wanted to begin revamping the look and feel of their kid-facing brand. So she chose to begin making this change through the look of the new toy packaging.

If you look through older toys offered by GoldieBlox, you will see this was the first departure from the more youthful storybook-styled visual brand of their first products and the brand. The drive behind all of these changes was to create a line of packaging that appealed to a slightly older demographic of kids, while also providing art and graphic cues that would lead the way for more cohesion across the GoldieBlox visual brand moving forward.

GoldieBlox Packaging: Welcome
GoldieBlox Packaging: Work
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