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Logo Design

Specs  /  Three primary logos, three secondary logos, and departmental variations

Super Sol is a creative collective consisting of four illustrators, animators, and artists Andrea FernandezEd SkudderTrevor Spencer, and Lynn Wang. The group came to me to develop a set of logos to represent them. They were looking for something versatile, fun, and modern, something that expressed who they are as artists. Since the group has such a wide breadth of creative abilities and works, they needed an identity that was as multifaceted as they are.

Since the group is based in Los Angeles and their name is “Super Sol,” I naturally began developing icons that were a play on the idea of the sun. Eclipses, sunsets, stars, the solar system, space travel, etc., these were my creative jumping off points. After several rounds of development with the team, we settled on the main form of two half circles eclipsing/circling one another into an iconic “S” shape. 

The group wanted variations on this main icon, however, for different applications (motion graphics, print, web, 3D, etc.), so I created the three different versions of the icon you’ll see here for the final primary logo: an “open” icon, a “closed” icon, and a “solid-fill” icon. Furthermore, Super Sol also requested that I create a series of departmental and secondary horizontal variations of the logo for even wider range of use. The final resulting suite of logos provide both the simplicity and the flexibilty they were looking for in their visual identity.

Super Sol: Welcome
Super Sol: Work
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