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Brand Design and Development, Product Design, Package Design, Mobile App UX/UI, Copywriting, Art Direction, and Creative Direction

Specs  /  Visual identity, logo, packaging, two decks of illustrated tarot-sized cards, six-sided custom dice, and a mobile application.

Weave: Storytelling Redefined is the accessible, fast-paced, and highly flexible tabletop role-play gaming platform for the digital generation. With a tarot-inspired deck of cards, six custom dice, and a mobile application that offers a marketplace of downloadable story content to choose from, Weave provides players endless group storytelling opportunities.

As Monocle Society’s brand director and lead designer, I acted as the creative driving force behind the entire visual Weave experience. From its beginnings in the development of its woven “W” icon, to the illustrations on each and every card, to the creation and production of the physical game, to the app’s front-end UX/UI, to art directing freelance story cover artists, I have had my hand in creating every element of this game’s experience.

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